This picture embodies all that I believe about teaching and learning.

lynn and jess — teaching and learning side by side

Here’s how it came to be.

Our district is implementing Heggerty in grades K and 1. It’s new to our teachers. Our opening staff development days provided time for a little PD to introduce the phonological work that is Heggerty. Our year is underway and today, Lynn, a first grade was ready to jump in and watch Heggerty in action with her kids. Jess, our literacy coach, chatted with Lynn and offered to do Day 1 right alongside Lynn. It’s exciting and nerve wracking to try something new with kids, but it’s the only way we can learn. It’s an unwritten part of our job description to keep learning, keep trying. So today I walked in and watched for just a few minutes as Jess and Lynn got Heggerty going together, right there with Lynn’s first graders. Those kids ate it right up. Their hands mimicked the models in front of them. I watched as they divided words up, chopping each syllable they said. It was fast paced and fun. At one point, Jess and Lynn made a mistake. Right in front of those kids they made a mistake in real time. “Oops, Ms. Carey made a mistake. Let’s try that again.” This is teaching and learning at it’s best with kids. This is how we learn and grow. This is how our communities become stronger. Learning together.

7 thoughts on “Try…Learn”

  1. It is fun learning together and knowing we’re all rooting for one another. Having friends and colleagues in the room gives us a chance to talk about how it went, adjust, and try again. It’s my favorite thing about our community- opportunities to do this pretty much daily. Let’s keep outgrowing ourselves…together! ❤️


  2. Someone I was in a workshop with recently mentioned her goal of “learning publicly” and that is what you are describing here. I love telling students I have recently learned something that they are learning and even more when we are learning something together!


  3. My son’s Kindergarten teacher is doing Heggerty with the kids, but I know virtually nothing about it. I’m off to research it now that I got to see Lynn and Jess in action.

    You’re in the most fabulous school. Every teacher should should be this lucky – in their careers – to work with such a fantastic colleagues.


  4. I love the joy of Heggerty and the physicality of it as a tool. I also love being a learner alongside the learners. Aren’t we the luckiest people to get to do this day in and day out. What joy!


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