A Moment with Peace

“Let us offer each other a sign of peace.” The words hit my ears as they have many times over the years. But these words were different, they were ever so slightly different than they were in my recent memory. Last week, I heard “Let us offer each other some sign of peace.”

I turned around to see the family behind us. A little slightly elderly woman, short in stature looked at me. At first we each raised our hands as if to offer a peace wave. Our eyes lingered on each other, our hands went down, we smiled and then our hands met in a perfect peace handshake. “Peace be with you.” Our words echoing our handshake. Our smiles, sincere, grateful.

For the past few years, my peace offerings to my fellow parishioners were waves and smiles. Occasionally a good ole two finger peace symbol. And today, that cycle was broken with a kind hearted, warm smiling elderly woman in the pew behind me.

5 thoughts on “A Moment with Peace”

  1. I think handshakes have taken on a deeper meaning now, since you can almost see people thinking before they reach out. It’s a little less casual, no longer a throwaway gesture. I had a similar experience in church last weekend…but didn’t think of writing about it.


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