Not Quite…

Standing on the pier, luggage in tow, waiting for the ferry. The crowd of travelers was forming. I noticed an older gentleman lean over to Kim. “Are you ladies headed for a bible study?” There was a hint of sarcasm in his voice (nothing against a bible study). We all turned towards our fellow friendly traveler. We laughed together. “Nope, not quite bible study for us.” I clarified, then elaborated sensing his curiosity, “We all graduated high school together and we’re celebrating our 50th birthdays. 1970 babies here.” “Ahhhhh..” he replied with a tone of reminiscence. “How old do you think I was then?” Without hesitation, he answered his own question, “I was 42 years old – 92 now.” He proudly revealed. “92! Wow! Impressive!” I said celebrating our new ferry friend.

That was the beginning of four days and three nights celebrating our history. A history loaded with friendships and experiences that molded each of us

  • 1970 something – Too young to remember actually meeting Beth. We were born and raised in Seekonk. We went to kindergarten together. We moved right through George R Martin Elementary School together. She was one of those friends I always looked for in church on Sunday mornings. Beth has always been there.
  • 1978 – I actually remember the day Kim walked into my third grade class. She was wearing a brown dress with a black print. There was a thin black tie at the waist. We immediately clicked as friends and before I knew it, she and I would be spending summers running back and forth to each others houses. We’d end up taking dance classes and acrobats together. We had not a care in the world.
  • 1982 – Beth, Kim, and I transitioned to Junior High School. This was the year that the north end kids and the south end kids would merge. New faces, new relationships, new friends were waiting. It didn’t take long before one of us befriended the tall twins from the north end – Kerry and Crystal. There were dances in the gym, after schools at the library doing anything but reading. There was the 8th grade camping trip, youth group ski trips, sleep overs and more.

2022 – Four days and three nights off the leash. There were conversations about husbands and work, kids and retirement. There were belly laughs and snorts. There were many memories and stories pieced together bit by bit.

Friends like these have a way of reminding you who you are and where you’ve come from. I am blessed to have these friends. In their company I celebrate where I’ve been, where I am. They feed me energy for the future.

The four days and three nights may not have been a bible study but it sure was filled with blessings.

8 thoughts on “Not Quite…”

  1. I enjoyed your slice of life on meeting up with old friends. The line that trulyr esonated with me is “Friends like these have a way of reminding you who you are and where you’ve come from.” We all need friends and your slice gives proof to the blessings friendship bestows on all.


  2. Just love this! How special to have this group of friends through life. The pictures are fabulous too. I like the 92 year old friend you met!


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