creating sticky fingers

“Materials are like elementary particles: charged, but indifferent. They do not listen in on your fantasies, do not get up and move to your idle wishes. The blunt truth is, they do precisely what your hands make them do.” Art and Fear. David Bayles/Ted Orland

creativity tugged

“do something different”

big paper?






for “the one”

creativity tugged again

imagination took hold


torn paper collage!

there I sat tearing, ripping, reripping

listening, looking, thinking

lost in creating


with sticky fingers

piece by piece

slowly the image appears

the image of the one black-eyed susan spared by noshing rabbits

6 thoughts on “creating sticky fingers”

  1. So pretty! I love that tug to try something different. I just read something today about bringing crafts back to classrooms…there is a lot of joy in those sticky fingers!


  2. I love that. I saw Erin Napier make a torn paper collage on a show the other night and thought, I would love to do that. But you, you have the talent to make it happen. I hope you frame that. It’s beautifully done


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