A Habit and A Process

Observation, one of THE most powerful habits of a writer. I have learned to grow and nurture this habit through line drawings. As a beginning writer, I often found it challenging to move from thoughts to words. I needed a bridge. One day, decades ago, I took the plunge and began to follow the line of what I saw – children in my class, the basket of laundry, the plants in my home, the stone on the fireplace, the trees outside my window, the window. Sketching became the bridge between my swirling thoughts and the blank page. Sketching to see and think became not only a habit, but an essential part of my writing process.

I’ve been watching the hydrangea in my yard closely. Each day, I see newness. Each day, upon observation, I am witness to the change and because, sketching is part of my process, I preserve the ever changing hydrangea in my journal and I discover writing.

green leaves become the background the infant flowers
the tips take on the blue that will soon spread
follow the lines of the petals, the flowers, the leaves
capture the brilliant blue by rubbing dabs of oil pastel with a tissue

About a month ago, Amy Ellerman wrote a post where, “after spending an exorbitant amount time in a rocking chair watching a mother bird and her babies” she invites everyone to “seek out the magic happening in your own environment”. I am also inviting you to do the same. Try connecting to that magic with a line drawing or two, not make a beautiful picture, but rather to discover the magic before you and within you.

7 thoughts on “A Habit and A Process”

  1. I love this. I spent one summer observing a mama raccoon and her babies in a tree in our backyard. It was, indeed, magical. Lately I’ve been taking photos as I walk. I’ve never really considered myself an artist, but I love the invitation to try a line drawing just for the pleasure of observation. And I love your hydrangeas! Thank you.


    1. Amanda, I’ve seen your photos. You are an artist and you find the magic daily! Dawn, you are a gift. Thanks for the invitation to see today. It was just what we needed at our house. ❤️

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  2. It’s wonderful that you discovered sketching as your bridge you needed, and you’ve continued sketching ever since. Cheers to taking time to observe and notice and create!

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