Remember March?  Remember when the pause button was pressed on our “normal” lives? Remember when our “normal” lives took a detour?

I do.  I remember.

I remember.  I look back, remember where we were and then, I see where we are, and I appreciate.

I remember the the months of live streamed workouts in my dungeon of a basement, with limited weight selection, alone.

I remember the dedication of an outstanding and admirable training team learning new technology, crafting new workouts.

Now, I appreciate that same outstanding and admirable training team that worked to open, safely, today.

I pulled into the parking lot and saw the line.  There were all my peeps whose names I had read or heard called out over Facebook Live during quarantined.  There they were, waiting, six feet apart, waiting to work out together.

We walked in, with pre-workout squirt of sanitizer, we followed the lanes, marked with red arrows and we each took our place in our box. There in my box, were the weights I would need and my own mat and my very own basket for my personal belongings.

Being surrounded by 22 other people, unmasked, 12 feet apart felt right.  Seeing their mouths, their smiles, their whole faces with their whole bodies made me feel whole.  

Being there, at Burn, in ‘our’ space, I couldn’t help feel such deep appreciation for the work that Alyssa, Michael and her team had done to meet the health and safety guidelines and maintain the spirit of Burn Boot Camp.  I thought of the plans, that I am sure they made, revised, scrapped and created again. I thought of the work they did for them, yes, but really, for us, their community.  I thought and my appreciation grew.

I remember when the pause button was pressed on our “normal” lives.  Today, I look back and remember the day we took another detour that is leading us forward, safely, together.



7 thoughts on “Appreciation”

  1. I love the way you recount the journey this pandemic has been, a journey that is so different for every person. Sounds like this return to almost normal in your life is a long-awaited and celebrated one! Congratulations! I just hope the country can keep moving in a positive direction!


  2. Your appreciation and noticing of the behind the scenes work has been a constant theme in your writing these past few months. It’s so powerful to see beyond ourselves- you’re a great model of this. I’m glad you got to workout with your people again.


  3. Nice circling back at the end. I also wrote about a piece of normal returning. I am glad to hear you felt safe at the gym. This is one place I am still a bit hesitant. I have to be brave (and smart)!


  4. I like the hopefulness in this piece, and the appreciation of the way people are adapting to the new world. So many of us are trained to push forward all the time. The challenge in this case is sometimes to have the patience to stand still.


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