The Final Frame

My 27th year of teaching came to close last Friday.

Typically, the entire school is juiced up on celebration of another year and anticipation of summer vacation.  The air is filled with love and excitement.  You can almost taste in the air.  Last Friday was eerily calm.  I was missing that love and excitement.

I had some down time in between a my last google meets of the year and a few meetings.  I took that time to scroll back through some Jamboards.  Discovering Jamboard in the middle of our distance learning marathon was a game changer.  It gave kids an opportunity to interact with word parts, story arcs, sequencing as well as drawing! It became a platform for my ideas on how I could teach.

I opened Tim’s Jamboard.  I began to scroll through the frames.  It was like taking a walk down memory lane.  Each frame reminding me of the teaching and learning we had done together.  I found myself feeling thankful, thankful that we would have this documentation of the work we had done.  I began to wonder if I’d be using it in the fall to remind us where we were and help us pave the way forward to new learning.  I began to think of the possibilities.

Then I came to our last frame we had done together.

I had asked him to think about something fun or funny from second grade, something he img_7313got better at, and a moment he will always remember. I captured his thoughts on post it’s and then Tim wrapped up our year by drawing an image to match each post it.  I watched while he worked.  I admired his ability to use the drawing tool!  “I practice each time you leave me on the Jamboard.” He told me while he drew.  I continued to watch as his images made their way onto the screen.

He finished.  “I’m really proud of you Tim.”  I said.  “You have done some really great reading work this year!  Next year, whether we are in school or doing the google meets again, I’ll check in with you.  Remember to read throughout the summer.  You’ve got some great books to read!”  “Yeah!”  he interrupted my little speech.  “Have a great summer, Tim!”  “Oh wait, Mrs. Sherriff, can I work on my Jamboard some more?”  “Of course you can.  Have a great summer, Tim.” He was already drawing, and muttered, “You, too.” With that, I reluctantly let go and closed our meet.

Curious, I clicked on the next frame to see if he had done anything after I had closed our meet. He had.

My last day of my 27th year of teaching came to a close on Friday.  I may not have been able to taste the love and excitement in the air that comes from being surrounded by kids and colleagues, but I did feel the love.  Thanks, Tim.




7 thoughts on “The Final Frame”

  1. Another reminder that this work matters… this time with kids- whether in a school building or working from home. I’ve admired your connections at school and then how you brought that same commitment and energy to our virtual world. Obviously, Tim, also values your time together. This makes my heart swell. ❤️


  2. I actually got a bit teary reading this. That is so sweet, but so is the connection and joy you have kept going with the kids. You couldn’t ask for a better start to the summer!


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