garden hour

the 7:00 hour is the garden hour

the sun has risen, casting it’s early rays

waking up the soon to be fruit bearing flowers

the 7:00 hour is the wet morning grass hour

calling for for tall boots

the 7:00 hour is the inspection hour

lifting, searching

counting the flowers, the baby cucumbers, the green tomatoes

the 7:00 hour is the hour of wonder

marveling at the evolving bounty

the 7:00 hour is watering hour

watering and wondering




11 thoughts on “garden hour”

  1. Love the repetition you use in this piece. And my gosh, that garden is impressive. As a perennially unsuccessful gardener, I marvel at this feat you’ve accomplished!


  2. I have a similar ritual…but not quite as impressive results. I like the watering and wondering combination. It’s a really good metaphor for the morning and for care giving. You give, and you wonder what they’re creating with that gift. It’s also a good metaphor for the day, wondering what’s in store for us.


  3. Oh my gosh – your garden is amazing! And your poem is a meditative guide to the amazing garden. The almost-anaphora lends a peacefulness that is countered by the dynamic verbs of change – watering, wondering, marveling, evolving. I love this. It would make a great mentor text & it’s a lovely morning read.


  4. Beautiful structure to this poem with so many precise verbs! I feel like this could easily be a gorgeous picture book.


  5. I didn’t realize how big your garden is. A great source of food and ideas for writing! I hope to have one someday and I’ll call on you for advice!


  6. Such calm and peace in this post. I love gardening first thing in the morning it starts off the day with such purpose and focus – which you captured in this piece. Wow!


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