A Circuit



Not one of us signed up for distance learning.  It certainly wasn’t on anyone’s radar or wish list.  But here we are, almost a week in, and, just like in school, there are moments where excitement and energy around learning is alive.

“Ohhh, that’s cool!”  Megan’s tone was full of fascination.  “Woo….you did that?  That is really cool.”

From another room, I heard snippets of a conversation between Megan and Hannah.  Curiosity got the best of me.  I wanted in on whatever it was they are doing. I pulled myself off the couch, I scamper through the kitchen, “What is it?  What is so cool?  I wanna see?” Hannah appeared, walking slowly, computer in hand, balancing it carefully.  “I wanted to come show each of you what I made in lab.”  “Oh, OK, let me return to my position on the couch.”  I scampered back to the couch. Hannah sat down beside me.  Once she placed her computer on her lap, I could see what she was balancing.

It was a contraption.  Well, that’s what it looked like to me.   “This is what I have been working on in lab (cyber lab) for the past three hours.”  She went on to show me how the circuit and sensor could measure the distance between things.  She switched from millimeters to inches, she moved the sensor back and forth and we watched the numbers ping up and down on the computer while some other gizmo piece gave a reading for lay person such as myself.

Grace’s presentation followed mine, and Billy’s followed Grace’s.

Thanks to distance learning…yes, thanks to distance learning…we, not only got to get a glimpse into the work of a biomedical engineer major, we got to see Hannah’s excitement and energy around learning.




9 thoughts on “A Circuit”

  1. That’s utterly fascinating. I believe we are on a giant and in some ways more productive learning curve than we are at school! I also love your immediate interest in “what’s so cool.” Passion for learning is contagious. 🙂


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