Forsythia Inside


At a faculty meeting on March 2, we had SES Learns.  Teachers volunteered to run mini workshops.  I ran a workshop on line drawing and the power of observation for writer.  Peter came to my workshop.  A small group of us sat together in my room where we had time to sketch and think.  Time to let our eyes follow the lines of a pinecone, or a branch, or an acorn.  Time to sketch, and find ideas, memories, poems.

After few minutes of sketching, we shared.  Peter shared his sketch of a branch and I remember him saying, “I think I found an idea.”  He went on to share that when he was sketching the branch he remembered a friend, colleague, mentor, Pat, teaching his him along with his fourth grade class, that if you cut a branch with buds, you can bring it in and watch it flower. (Peter’s post) I looked at him puzzled.  “Really?”  He asked, “Did you know that you can cut a branch and watch it bloom?  Do you ever cut a branch and bring it inside and watch it bloom.”  My answer was “No.  But now I know.  Can’t wait to do it! ”

Today, I cut little snippets of a forsythia bush, pulled out a just right vase and arranged my branches.  I placed them on my table and began my own line drawing.  I began to learn the beauty of a forsythia up close and personal.

A little sketching and a little conversation from a little workshop went a long way.


Up close with some forsythia.  Bringing a little outside inside.  Watching the buds in all their stages, from baby to bursting.  



8 thoughts on “Forsythia Inside”

  1. Who knew?! I talked to my year 3 class about sketching as a pathway to thinking, will have to revisit this with them. Great sketch, too.


  2. I lost my father last May. He was not particularly fond of nature or of plants and such, but he would always notice the early-spring blooming of forsythia and comment aloud. I felt he was with me last week when I noticed the blooms. Thanks for writing about this.

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  3. This is great. I like the way we were all linked by that short workshop. Your basket. My sketch. Which led to my clippings and a post, your advice to Jess, her post and this post. Circle of life or circle of slice!

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