learning myself…


I’m not a techie.  I like technology, I do.  But I also fear it.  Well, maybe I don’t fear it, I fear facing my own lack of understanding about how things work.

Well, distance learning has brought me face to face with my fear.  I’ve had no choice this week, but to learn how to navigate google meets, strengthen my google calendar skills, manage multiple devices to communicate with families all in the name of connecting with children.

While I might be feeling a little bit proud of myself for learning and using my new learning, I’ve also learned I can’t stand sitting and staring at a computer screen all day (although staring at my colleagues does bring me joy).  I now understand why my husband longs to do the evening walk with the dog, why he sometimes can’t sit down for dinner, and why we have a standing desk in our office.

As we slide into the weekend – it is Friday Eve – I will begin to look back on what I have learned and keep my eyes open to what I can discover next week…as my tech skills surely will continue to develop.


10 thoughts on “learning myself…”

  1. We have all had a steep learning curve. I learned a lot about Google Meets, as well as Zoom, and the girls keep threatening to teach me other platforms. (No thank you.) Seesaw is going to tap me out, for now.

    Love the weaving in of family and deeper understandings of them.

    Be safe and well.


  2. I want a standing desk! Some of this stuff is fun, but the screen dominance is rough. I like the sunny days where I’m able to do my movement breaks outside by walking the dog.


  3. Today I had Google meetings all day. There must be another way! I am also glad I learned but even if I know it now, I also know it is not for me!

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  4. I thought I commented on this this morning. I did but maybe I didn’t post it… too much tech. Although today felt better… connected to people. You’re doing great. We’re all learning.


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