Hang Up

slice-of-life_individualThe house was quiet.  Grace and Megan were off doing their “after home school” decompression activities – Grey’s Anatomy, nails, Tik Toking.  Billy had taken the pooch our for a walk.  He had insisted on taking her, “I’ve been inside all day.  I’LL take her!”  He proclaimed emphatically.  Hannah was en-route home from her day trip to UVM to retrieve her belongings.  The house was quiet.

I picked up the phone, it was time to check in with my Mom.  “Hello.”  Her voice steady and calm.  I knew she knew it was me.  Caller ID.  I skipped the “Hello” myself and went right in, “Well, I knew you wouldn’t be out playing cards!”  “Ohhh no! No, no, no.  No cards for me.”

We both laughed, reconnected, shared a few stories when my mother, mid sentence, said “Oh, oh…your sister, your sister is trying to call.”  “When it rains it pours Mom!”  I said.  She paused, “I’ll just call her back.” I responded with a wee bit of sarcasm,  “You’re so busy, don’t forget.  Or better yet, put that on your “I’m Stuck at Home List’ for tomorrow!”  I heard a slight chuckle.

Then, “Ohhh…”  (my mother likes to say “Oh”)  “Jane wants to Face Time.  Oh.  I missed it.”  We were no longer in a conversation.  She was narrating the happenings.

“Wait. Mom.  You can Face Time her back.”  I reengaged her in our conversation.  “How do I do that?”  I walked her through the simple steps and next thing I know I heard my sister voice.  But that didn’t last long.  Someone hung up on someone.

“Hold on, Mom.  We can do this.”  So, at this point, I had the landline to my ear with my Mom on the other end and I grabbed my cell phone to Face Time my sister.  Once I had Jane on the screen,  I tried to get my mom on Face Time. I’ll admit, I yelled for assistance and Grace came to my rescue.

Next thing I knew, I had my mother and sister on Face Time and we start chatting away.  “Wait!”  I yelled, laughing at the ridiculousness I had just discovered.  “Wait, Mom!”  I start laughing so hard, I could barely speak.  “Wait, Mom, we can hang up our phones now!  We DO NOT need to be on the phone while on Face Time.”

“Ohhhhh…yes, yes, I can see that now!”

And we hung up.


9 thoughts on “Hang Up”

  1. Always look on the bright side of your life! I am your mom; always needing assistance to get anything to work. I’m sure she appreciates you and your sister. I probably should use this time to acquaint myself with how to attach photos to my slices, but I’m reading a good book, you know?


  2. Technology will be the saving grace in these days of social distancing. Knowing that my son or daughter are just a call or video chat away is comforting! Glad you had a great time catching up with family!


  3. So important to check in and stay connected. These are the times though I may regret not having an iphone as it would be easier for to connect to some rather than teaching them how to google hangout. Thanks for sharing a joyful story!


  4. We have tried so hard to connect with technology with my mom. She is now 90 and has dementia. No success. I am glad to hear that you have succeeded. Delightful. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


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