Worm Wonderings


It rained Wednesday night into Thursday morning.  I waited for the puddles to stop rippling and I took the pooch, Maci, out for a walk.  The roads were still wet and droplets of rain lingered on the greening grass.  We strolled, Maci and I, and I began to notice the worms.  The worms, stretched out in the roads and in the driveway.  I bent down to get a closer look, they were moving – ssssslsssssooooowwwwwlllly…

The more I saw, the more I began to wonder…

How long will it take this little guy to make it to the other side?  The traffic is almost non- existent, he’s got a shot at making it over in tact.


And these two…are they heading under the car for a  meet up?  Are they racing?  Who will win?


And this guy…is he in training for Worm Warrior?  Will he go over the wood chip?        Will he go under?

10 thoughts on “Worm Wonderings”

  1. Love how those small things, such as a worm, can bring so much joy and so much thought and best of all, anticipation of what’s to come, that wonderful season of spring. I might have to look for some worms on this rainy, damp morning. Thanks for brightening up my gray day!


  2. I remember my fascination with worms as a child and you captured this imaginative exploration so well in this slice! It’s nice to know that even with “social distancing”, we can get up close with nature.


  3. This could have been my slice on Thursday as well! At school Thursday morning, as it continues to rain, there were worms covering the sidewalks. My wondering is how thin can a worm make itself, and would my chickens eat them if the chickens were loose? Fun to wonder!


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