A Ride Home


Heading to the car with our red cart filled with what we came for and more.  Megan and I take in the warm sun as we watch for puddles underfoot.  Hard to believe in the moment that there is a Winter Storm Watch in place.  Hard to believe that we are anticipating a Monday morning delay or possible snow day.

We reach the car and Megan opens the trunk.  We hear the ding of the automatic trunk.  I imagine it says in a friendly robotic tone, “Please step back, I am opening.  I don’t want to hit you in the head.”  The trunk opens and the first thing we see is a paper box top wrapped in red construction paper filled with Twizzlers and Blow Pops with a few bags of Sour Patch Kids and Swedish Fish.

“Ohh.  Keep forgetting that candy is in there!  Want a Twizzler?”

“No.”  Megan says matter of factly.  Twizzlers aren’t her thing.

We lift the new shelf and the two bags into the trunk.

“I’m taking a Blow Pop for the ride home.  I love Blow Pops.  Want one?”

I reach in and grab a Cherry one.  Megan reaches in and grabs a Watermelon one.

We hop in the car, unwrap our respective Blow Pops and then the commentary begins.

“I like them but they are just too big for my mouth!”

“Yeah, I know what you mean.  And they can be sharp.  Sometimes they can cut your mouth.  See this sharp part?”

“YES!  See, mine’s got a sharp part.”

Half way home.

“OK, mine fits in my mouth better now.”

“I’m getting close to the gum.  See, right there on the bottom.”

“I’m going to have to brush my teeth when I’m done.  The leave such a coating of sugar on my teeth.”


“Ohhhh!  I’m almost there.  I’m almost to the best part.”

“You are ahead of me.”

“Here I go.”

I feel Megan’s eyes on me.  She watching me as I bit the little lollipop shell that is covering the sweet, sugary gum.

“Ohhh.  It’s sooo good.  The little pieces of lollipop mixing in with the gum.  It’s a flavor explosion that will last about a minute and then I’ll have to toss it!”

Megan laughs and continues to suck her sucker.

There’s nothing like a trip to Target with Blow Pops for the ride home.





7 thoughts on “A Ride Home”

  1. This slice is a perfect example of exploding a small moment from one’s daily life. I haven’t eaten a blow pop in years, but I do remember those sharp edges and that final thin lollipop shell. Great slice!

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  2. Thank god for daughters…otherwise we’d have half as many slices to write! I love the dialogue and the action, but, considering the size problem, I’m concerned about the driving experience. You DID have both hands on the wheel at all times, right?

    Liked by 1 person

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