img_2859It starts with the blank page, inviting me to think, to see, to write, to sketch, to think.  What mark will I make first.

img_2855I start with the outside and work my way in in.  My goal is to sit and see.  To find the words, to harness the words, if they come.

img_2856I work my way inside the window panes that frame the branches in the distance.

img_2857Finally, I reach for the watercolors to paint the quickly changing sky.

I sit and draw the window. It’s the not the window that has caught my eye, but the colors in the sky as the sun sets on these cold winter evenings.  I start with the window to frame what I see.  I am drawn next to the leafless trees that seem to hold up the sky.  I let my pen make wispy lines and watch trees appear in my window.  The colors in the sky are changing before my eyes.  I quickly grab the watercolors and slowly begin to paint the sky I see in this moment.



6 thoughts on “Windows”

  1. Every time I see your sketching, it makes me want to sketch… and paint. I think you could totally rework the italic part and create a poem… great line: leafless trees that seem to hold up the sky

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  2. A friend of mine once called my mother a “window person.” When I asked him what he meant, he said there are two types of people, window people and door people. Window people always see beauty outside of themselves and let the light in (door people are the opposite). You are definitely a window person!

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  3. I am drawn next to the leafless trees that seem to hold up the sky.
    I’m a little disappointed that jcareyreads beat me to my comment. This reads like a poem all the way from the top, as though the drawing just drew the words out of you. Look how cool that line is “drawn next to the leafless trees”! Drawn, cuz you drew. Very cool, not just the drawing or the writing, but the whole process.

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  4. I love how slow and deliberate this piece is, just like the act of sketching. Your sketches always make me so jealous. Maybe I should try a journal without lines and I’d be more apt to trying sketching out.

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