Two Years! Anniversary Day!




It’s my Anniversary!

Apparently I registered on 2 years ago today!  I am thankful that my other half, WordPress, remembered, because I forgot!

My relationship with has introduced me to the wonders of blogging and reading blogs.

I think I became a writer when I became a teacher. I became a writer because I was raised as teacher researcher.  Teacher researcher don’t just teach.  They carry journals, they listen and observe students in the process of learning and they reflect on what kids say and do.  In the process of reflecting I began to see myself as a writer.  I grew as a writer when, at our teacher research meetings (A Community of Teachers Learning) I actually shared my writing.  I remember the first few times I actually read my writing out loud to the group.  I would feel my face get hot, I knew it was red so I kept my head down and worked to keep my voice steady.  The silence that came after the last word that read made my stomach turn.  “What would be the response?”  Always, my panic would disappear as soon as one of my colleagues responded.  Their words, their feedback validated my writing, my thinking, my questions.  They inspired me to keep writing, they inspired me to keep exploring myself as a writer, which I have continued to do for 27 years.

I knew, when Jess encouraged me to jump into blogging, it was a natural next step if I was going to keep growing as a writer.  What I didn’t expect was all the friends and connections that I would make!  I look forward to reading about Stacey Shubitz’s  stories slices about her children.  I wait with anticipation to read  Susan Kennedy’s stories.  I always admire not only what, but how Fran Haley strings words together into brilliant slice after slice.  I also get to know my own colleagues better!  Reading Peter’s, Jess’s, Elena’s, Erika’s , and now Denia’s slices connect me to them in a way that our school’s busy days can’t.  Of course, the feedback is just as inspiring and validating as it was 27 years ago at those Community of Teacher’s Learning meetings.

So today, I will celebrate my Anniversary with  I will celebrate all the people I have gotten to know.  I will celebrate all the feedback that these incredible people have given me. Today, I will be thankful for being a writer who is surrounded by writers.

12 thoughts on “Two Years! Anniversary Day!”

  1. Happy anniversary, Dawn. Teacher research may have gotten you into writing, but you have grown so much from the blogging experience. I know it feeds me as a writing and a teacher. So many wonderful connections.


  2. Reading Peter’s, Jess’s, Elena’s, Erika’s , and now Denia’s slices connect me to them in a way that our school’s busy days can’t.

    This makes me think about Natalie’s story about the school that lunches together and only talks about life, no work allowed. This is kind of our version. A way to know each other better. I’m thankful to know you all better through your writing and to be able to connect even when we don’t in real life.

    I think I’m writing about teacher as researcher right now, your post being published distracted me…I’m actually typing on a computer and not my phone. You are a champion of this mindset-the researching, not the typing on my phone. Happy anniversary. I’m so grateful you and your words are here.


    1. and if that wasn’t enough of a rambling comment, this week, reading about other slicers who reference our writing community, make me realize how fortunate we are. We have built this just by sharing just what you capture here. Who would have thought…this is something to celebrate for sure!

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  3. Woo hoo! Happy Anniversary! I received my 3rd year notice from WordPress not long ago and was amazed at all that has happened in my writing life since that very first day I hit the “publish” button. Onwards! — Christie


  4. Happy Anniversary! I have been messing around with wordpress for a few years, but am pretty much a newbie.
    I love “Their words, their feedback validated my writing, my thinking, my questions.  They inspired me to keep writing, they inspired me to keep exploring myself as a writer, which I have continued to do for 27 years.” It reminds me that I also need to seek support to be what I know I have always been. When doubt sets in, write. Seek your people.


  5. Happy Anniversary. I like the “other half” line. I had to read that twice. God. You’ve been teaching for a long time. I think the teacher researcher partis really interesting. I hadn’t thought about how all that listening and reflecting was really like years ofprewriting, but of course you’re right.


  6. Happy Blog Anniversary, Dawn! I celebrate YOU and your writing – and being surrounded by writers, as you said. It’s an incomparable gift, isn’t it? You’re a joy and I feel like I’ve always known you. So grateful for this. And, oh my – thank you for your words about my writing!


  7. What a great celebration of writing! I agree – the comments are such a great part… validating and inspirational. So grateful for Slice of Life and blogging.


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