31 Things About Me


Inspired byMelanie Meehan’s Post who what inspired by  Lisa Keeler’s Post today’s slice is 31 Things About Me.  Here we go…

1 – I’ve worn glasses since I was 5. I’m 48.  My most memorable pair were big and red.

2 – I never take the sleeve when I get a cup of coffee out.  I love the feeling of a hot drink in my hands.  (and the sleeve is quite wasteful, too)

3 – I had the cold but I love to ski.

4 – I’ve run 5 over night relays which are more about friendship and silly fun than running.

5 – I think kids are smarter than we are.

6 – I eat a hard boiled egg every morning.

7- I have at least two pieces of dark chocolate after lunch and dinner every day after lunch and dinner.

8 – 31 things about me is hard

9 – I need a new journal.  Playing with 31 things about me in my journal and I discovered I only have 2 pages left.

10 – I have three daughters who can drive me crazy but I am in awe watching them live, learn and grow.  I am blessed.

11 – Hannah’s a freshman in college.  If I were stuck on an island,  I’d love to have Hannah with me.  She’s resourceful and strong.

12 – Grace is a junior in high school.  If I were headed to a party,  I’d love to have Grace with me.  She’s social and silly.

13 – Megan is in 7th grade.  If I were sick, I’d love to have Megan with me.  She is nurturing and empathetic.

14 – My husband brings incredible silliness and laughter to our family and home.  He’s also addicted to skiing.  He’s quite good.

15 – I dream, we dream of getting in an RV and seeing this coutry.

16 – I hate coffee breath.

17 – Eggplant is my favorite food.  I get incredible satisfaction from growing it in our garden.  I love grilling it, roasting it, lightly frying it.  Then when I fry it, I freeze it and eat in November – nothing better!

18 – Back to Billy, my husband.  He cuts and sections a grapefruit for us every morning.  He sections it perfectly.

19 – I don’t like  a lined journal.  I prefer the wide open blank page of a sketch journal.

20 – I’ve been teaching for 27 years – not quite sure how that happened – I’m only 20 years old 😉

21 – I’ve was a 2nd grade teacher, a 3rd grade teacher, a math support teacher and now I am a literacy specialist.  All in the same district.

22 – I’m a Burn Boot Camp addict.  I’m addicted to the camps and the people that go to those camps.

23 – Emptying the dishwasher is my least favorite chore.  I’d rather clean a toilet!

24 – My favorite summer job was as a cement mason, pouring side walks all around “the littlest state in the union” – Rhode Island.

25 – I’m watching gently falling snow right now.

26 – A sharpie ultra fine point black pen is my writing utensil of choice.

27 – I was published in Primary Voices a long time ago because Karen Ernst da Silva and Katie Wood Ray believed with me (humbleswede was also in that issue).

28 – If Say Yes to the Dress is on TV, I can sit and watch episode after episode after episode.  Not sure why.  The only thing I can figure is that I never went wedding dress shopping because I wore my mother’s wedding dress!

29 – My journal helps me think.

30- My journal helsp me really listen to children.  I often write what they say.  I think that when I do that, I validate them and what they have to say.

31 – I did it!  PHEW!  That was harder than I thought it would be.  Thanks to Lisa and Melanie for the ispiration!


18 thoughts on “31 Things About Me”

  1. I learned so much reading this. I loved 11, 12, and 13- how you see your kids’ strengths. I also hate emptying the dishwasher. Cement pourer?!? I saw this structure… 31 felt like too many for me. Thanks for showing me it can be done!


  2. Oooh. 31 things. There are 31 days in March. Each number is a seed. You’ve already written about # 12 (Grace) and #8 (31 things is hard). Now you just pick one seed each day. Can’t wait for the grapefruit slice…or the cement slice. I think I’m going to try this, too.


  3. Every time I read someone’s “31 things” I am so amazed at what people write. I don’t think I can fill up 31 things about me. But now you definitely have lots of possible slice ideas. Maybe I’ll have to give it a try. I love the sharpie pens too! And love love love how you described your daughters!


  4. I like this idea but I’m afraid I would run out of ideas too. I also have three children – I liked how you talked about each of their strengths. We have lots of other things in common, though I have to say I can’t stand eggplant. 😦


    1. I actually had fun randomly thinking of things playfully in my journal! Tried not to judge or edit myself! You can do it! There’s only 29 days left so you could go 29 things about me…less pressure😉

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Loved this! We have much in common. 🙂 When I began from the beginning, I had numbers in mind to comment on, but found myself discovering conversation seeds on every line, so I’ll pick just one. My most memorable pair of glasses were big and pink. 🙂 And #30 is amazing.


  6. I can’t wait to do this tomorrow.! What fun! I also think kids are way smarter than we are. We unlearn a lot of important things as we grow up!


  7. I think I have done this before, and if I remember correctly, it was very difficult to do! I loved reading your list!


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