Happy Birthday Monkey


There was a time when I watched you play with laundry.  You were nine months old.  Fresh from a bath in your feetsie pajamas.  Hair all wispy and clean.  No curls…yet.  Unaware of my watchful eyes, you did your thing and I did mine.  I sketched to remember you in this moment.


Now is the time that I watch you dance.  You are seventeen years old today.  Always on the go – work, school, dance, friends.  I watch you build and live your life.  Always leaving with a “Bye!  Love you!”.  Always coming with a “Hi!”  My time to watch you now is when you dance.  You move too fast for me to sketch.  I video. I take pictures, praying to get one or two that will capture the passion and beauty of you doing your thing.  I want to remember you in this moment.


Happy 17th Birthday Grace Marie, my monkey!  xoxo

11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Monkey”

  1. I have a daughter who turns 20 this month, and I like looking back at the posts I’ve written about her. Happy Birthday to Grace! Love the picture you caught as it shows her love and joy dancing!


  2. I love your writing and your illustration! I always tell people with younger kids to write about their stories while they happen. I know children will enjoy reading them when they are adults. And if they are illustrated, what a treat! Happy birthday Grace! Great day to be born.


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