a job to do….

I’ve had a very important job to do this week.

When my Dad passed away in November of 2019, leaving my mother alone in the house. My sister, decided a Morning Mom Wellness Check was in order. So, every morning, for the past three and half years, my sister has sent my Mom a text. Most texts are a simple good morning.

A few months ago, my sister and her then boyfriend, now fiancee (that’s another story) traveled to Irelend. My sister, five years my elder, was entrusting me with the morning Morning Mom Wellness Check. I took my responsibility quite seriously.

Now, my sister and I are a wee bit different. Her wellness checks were simple check in’s to be sure my mother made it through the night (she’s quite healthy at age 80, by the way). With my sister away, I felt like it was time to play! They were on vacation from their morning routines and I was the pinch hitter. I knew I wanted to have some fun with my Mom.

So, on Monday morning this week, I sent my first text:

On Tuesday, Maci decided to get in on the fun:

On Wednesday I snapped a predawn selfie of her Dawn to make her smile:

On Thursday the the moon wanted to say good morning:

On Thursday night, I had Grace and Megan jump in on the Wellness Check:

Her response to the video was “I tried to respond with a video, but I don’t know how.”

And on Saturday, Maci came back for an encore good morning:

My sisters on her way back from Ireland today, so tomorrow, Mom might get two Wellness Checks. Thanks for entrusting me Jane, I think I done good.


10 thoughts on “a job to do….”

  1. This is so sweet and fun! Sounds like your mom has spunk! This might need to be an added part of your morning routine now. Too fun to stop.


  2. I love the messages to your mom, but I loved her responses even more! She knows her daughter and played along. I think you need to keep them going next week because I think SHE will enjoy still getting your messages!


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