Sounds Normal

The music was filling the halls. I recognized the tune, a Million Dreams, from The Greatest Showman. Every now and then, I could hear Kerri’s voice singing. The sound system in our auditorium is pretty impressive. I remained at my desk and had one of those moments where I just appreciated being in school, together with my colleagues. There were months when we weren’t together – teaching from our own homes and then there were the months of hybrid teaching where our specials teacher, although in person with us, were virtual teaching with kids.

Lured by my own curiosity and the music, I abandoned my desk. On the anniversary week of The Covid shutdown, I walked into the auditorium to see Kerri standing in front a small group of very socially distant kids in the middle of a chorus rehearsal. Yes, a chorus rehearsal. I admired Kerri for being in this moment that I got to witness. I admired her for all she had to do make this moment happen. I felt a sense of satisfaction seeing kids in an environment that was absent from their lives for months.

Late last summer, Billy and I were walking Maci in the neighborhood. Billy and I stopped to chat with a few neighbors along the way. “Best case scenario, we shut down in two weeks.” I heard one teacher say to another. Looking back, the past seven months have had shut downs and quarantines and stress and chas. But we’ve made it here, to where music fills the halls again! Congratulations and thank you Kerri!

8 thoughts on “Sounds Normal”

  1. I wrote today too about the return of something. We have to not only be on the lookout for these things but soak it all in and be grateful. You of course see and appreciate!


  2. How wonderful to see chorus practice! Our students come back in cohorts starting April 8 but there have been a few small groups that have been able to come in this month. It is nice to have little kid energy in the building again.


  3. It’s great to hear that you enjoyed the music. My daughter teaches the chorus at a school in New Jersey, and she had to hold classes outside on the lawn beneath an open tent through Thanksgiving. On many days, it was cold, windy, and wet out there! Then, she taught completely virtually, and now, as of this week, she has returned to the classroom doing hybrid teaching. What a crazy year!


  4. As a music teacher, this made me tear up. Not being able to make music together, to sing together is definitely a big thing covid has taken away from us. To know that it can begin to come back, makes my heart happy.


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