Her journey started in the spring of 2014. She was 8 years old.

Grace and Megan were with me. The appointment was coming to an end. The cleaning – check. The x-rays – check. We just needed that final check from Dr. T, and we’d be on our merry way.

Megan and Grace were playing with the Viewfinder, clicking away. I was thumbing through a magazine looking for easy recipes. I was sucked out of my perusing when I heard Carly, “Mary, come look at this!” I glanced up from my magazine to see Carly and Mary hovering over a screen. There was fascination and intrigue in their conversation. I resumed thumbing for a few seconds, only to be distracted once more by Carly. I looked up again and found Dr. T had joined Carly and Mary in ohhing and ahhhing at what I did not know, but soon would found out.

Dr. T, turned towards me, “Come see.” I passed by Megan and Grace, who were also now more interested in what was on the screen, than in the Viewfinder. It was at that moment that we saw, we learned, that Megan had an extra set of front teeth. An extra set of front teeth. That little piece of information set into motion six years of serious oral attention from an assortment of doctors.

Tomorrow, Megan and I head to the orthodontist. She will have the majority of her second set of braces removed. She’ll sit in the chair for a couple hours. I will sit and wait. While I wait, I will be thankful.

I’ll be thankful for Dr. R, our oral surgeon, who removed those baby teeth along with the extra teeth. I’ll remember Dr. R’s office staff who took such good care of a terrified second grader, and an outwardly calm, inwardly nervous me, that day. I’ll remember their continued care when we had to return a few weeks later for a bit more oral surgery.

I will be thankful for Dr. B who thoughtfully planned her treatment over six years. A plan that involved numerous impressions of a tiny mouth, an expander, one round of braces that included a tooth chain, and of course headgear. I will be thankful for Dr. B’s office staff for their ever friendly staff who welcomed us every 6 weeks over the past six years, making us feel and know Megan was in good hands.

Tomorrow, when we head to the orthodontist, I will be thankful for Megan’s bravery, patience and beautiful straight teeth.

7 thoughts on “Tomorrow”

  1. Believe it or not … I too had a second set of baby teeth. The surgeries, expanders, retainers, headgear, and braces were all a part of my journey as well. I don’t think the technology was the same so my teeth still have issues — I stopped with breaking my jaw to realign. Dentists keep suggesting I go back now … maybe this was the post I needed. Love your lead and how you drew us into the moment.


  2. My family can kind of relate to this story. This past week my sister got her braces off after 2 years of straightening teeth, fixing a pushed back tooth from a softball, fixing her overbite, and finally having the tiniest mouth. I bet the feeling of joy and finally knowing what was going on was like nothing before. So amazing, and a miracle. Enjoy the smiles;)


  3. I think you just previewed what’s in store for us. Ari has three extra baby teeth that the dentist discovered last year. It’s possible he’ll have extra adult teeth too. So, I’m sure we’re going to have a similar journey.

    Congratulations to Megan on getting through this!


  4. The phrase that comes to mind is perseverance pays off … that’s a long journey for anyone, especially a child. I can just imagine the celebratory joy of those beautiful teeth and freedom!


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