“Mom, c’mon, I know you will love it. Let’s watch an episode. I’ll watch it with you.”

“We better start it now, I said as I looked at the clock slowly approaching 8:30, I’ll probably fall asleep.” “No, Mom, you won’t. It’s soooooo good.” Grace pleaded, believing in the power of The Queen’s Gambit to keep me not only awake, but alert.

I used to watch TV. Thirtysomething, Friends, Saved by the Bell, Party of Five and of course Gray’s Anatomy all once played a role in my nighttime viewing habits. I would look forward to those shows. The days were marked with not only their name, but also by what was on TV. Those shows spurred conversation and debate among family and friends. Yes, relationships were fostered because of shared viewing habits.

So, when Grace began nudging me to watch this show, The Queen’s Gambit, I sat with her and watched. I was sucked in within 10 minutes and hooked at the end of the first episode.

“SEEEEE??!!! Grace blurted out — “IT’S SOOOO GOOD, RIGHT??!!” “Oh, yeah! So good!” I agreed. “I’m watching another one when I get up.” “NOOOO! You can’t Mom.” Now she was pleading me not to watch. “We have to watch it together, Mom!” “Alrighty, Grace. We’ll watch tomorrow.” “You promise, Mom!” “Of course, Grace.”

So this past weekend, Grace and I watched 5 episodes of The Queen’s Gambit, together. She’s waiting for me now. Waiting for me to finish this slice so we can watch episode 6, together.

5 thoughts on “Together”

  1. Arnauld and I finished it this weekend! It was the first show we’ve watched in a long time. I’m glad Grace convinced you and that you’re watching together. ❤️❤️❤️


  2. As empty-nesters, my hubby and I watch lots of series together, but I still miss my daughter. After college, I loved having her around to watch TV and share the female perspective. Savor the moments.


  3. I feel the might fall asleep comment. I don’t watch much now either, it seems my tolerance for cruelty and sadness even in film is at its limit. We have one show the three of us watch together. Love those moments.


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