bark, barker

Inspired by Jess’s slice Glitter, as well as Amanda’s Haiku Moments, I took the time this week to play around with syllables and craft them into Haikus.  I love when writing invites play and discovery.  Thank you to Jess (and Wren) and Amanda for inviting me to play.

giant sycamore

bark like confetti scattered

summer party time



maci lays and rests

nestled between garden beds

under a canopy


8 thoughts on “bark, barker”

  1. Bark and barker is so good. I love the image of the sycamore tree scattering confetti. I see it as a character that would toss the confetti when no one is looking, so as not to change its image as the mature tree that it is.
    Also, your pun reminds me of one of my more embarrassing Aha Moments, when, as an adult, I realized that the expression, “Barking up the wrong tree,” actually wasn’t talking about the bark on a tree.


  2. Photos and haiku, perfect!!! Inspired to think of this for ‘off-weeks’ for students. Take a photo(s) and try out haikus. I’m going out to see what inspires me before the rain. If not, I’ll mine my phone for photos. I remember doing a poetry workshop where I had participants write about a random snap on their phone.


  3. I sat down to write and was stuck so I decided to read last week’s slices since I missed them. So much possibility in haiku- I might give them a try too.


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