Way back in June, almost three and half months of Covid Living under our belts, we began to nurture our Covid Crew.  Our Covid Crew were the people we would “use” to create our “bubble” for outdoor socializing and general shennanagins.

Looking back on our summer, the memories that our Covid Crew created were loaded with laughter and sanity.

Last Saturday was our final Covid Crew poolside gathering before some were heading back to college or off to college for the first time.  The day was filled with swimming,  field hockey in the street, and ping pong in the garage. For the kids, the night ended with a good ole fashion game of man hunt while the older lot debated the labeling of We Built This City as The Worst Song of All Time.  Before we knew it, the stars were out and the gathering was coming to an end.

I was sitting at the table and I turned when I heard the slider open.  I turned and saw my sister in law closing the door.  I made eye contact and she shook her head. I laughed back.  She kept shaking her head and turning away.  It wasn’t until she lifted the collar of her shirt to wipe her eyes did I realize that she was crying.  Then it hit me.  She had just said goodbye to her niece, my daughter, Grace.

Isaias had slammed our town almost five days earlier.  Powerless in a pandemic, I was slightly distracted from our upcoming road trip to drop Grace off, as a freshman, at school.  The refrigerator in the middle of the kitchen, the cold showers, and the hum of generators in the neighborhood took my attention away from the college gear that had taken over my dining room.

Chrissy and I just kept lookin at each other.  She was laugh crying, I was shaking my head and then I felt the lump in my throat and the tears brewing.  I opted for laughter in the dark of that Saturday night amidst the Covid Crew.

Three days from now, the summer with the entire Covid Crew will be in our rearview mirror.  The Sherriff family will be hit the road.  We will be moving forward.  Together, we will create memories of road trip and Grace will begin to create the memories of college.

3 thoughts on “Onward…”

  1. First, I might disagree on your opinion of I built this city.
    But, I admire your ability to see the good in everything. I am already starting to feel a bit anxious about Calyn off to college. I will be looking to you for strategies for strength! What stands out to me also is your family’s bond, beyond just the five of you, and that is something to be grateful for.


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