don’t underestimate



“Bye Mrs. Sherriff!”

Eve waves at me.  Mom has come into the scene.  We’ve been “together”, Eve and I,  for the past half hour.  We’ve reread a book from last week, played See It, Say It, Write It.  We’ve guided each other in where to hold a paper up so the other one can see it – “No, up a little little bit Mrs. Sherriff.  Yeah.  That’s good.”  As switch back and forth between present mode and meet mode,  she’s so patient.

Eve is climbing on Mom now.  She’s got her head nestled right in her Mom’s neck.

“It’s always a good day when I see you, Eve.”  I mean it.  My Monday is starting off right.  I want her to know that she’s made difference in my day.  I want her Mom to know, it matters, that she has done the work to set Eve up.

“Well, we feel the same the same about you.”  Mom replies.  Her words take me by surprise.  I was just sharing a good bye laced with a thank you.

When it comes to teaching and learning, the power of the human connection is not only essential, it’s priceless.




8 thoughts on “don’t underestimate”

  1. So sweet. You always take the time to let people know they matter. Im glad you got a little in return. Your work with these kids right now is everything. You’re lucky to have each other and I love hearing about it. ❤️


  2. Your Meet encounter turned out a bit better than the one I wrote about. Still, all of these meetings are so much better than trying to do these things alone. We’re really lucky t have ways of connecting. You’re not only helping Eve, but you’re modeling for mom, and probably saving mom so she can have more encounters that have no agenda.


  3. These are the connections kids will remember. Our kids are lucky to have you in their lives. Glad you captured the moment!


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