rain worms


rain poured

wind threw rain like a rag doll

rain poured

wind whipped rain, slapping it on the house

rain poured

wind hurled rain, leaving droplets on the screen

that fell slowly

like worms stretching, inching, slowly



10 thoughts on “rain worms”

  1. This so captures the sound, feeling, and image of the wind and rain. Alternating wind/rain at the beginning of each line is highly effective … and, I never thought about sliding droplets looking like worms, but they surely do. Great accompanying sketch and connotation. Worm weather, indeed!


  2. Oh. I just read the comments and realized I misread the words on your sketch. I thought you wrote “This weather is for the writers,” instead of “the worms.” I really like the verbs in this poem. There’s a lot of action…whipping, slapping, hurling, inching. It reminded me of a poem I read in college that appealed to my feeling of exhaustion on some long nights. I memorized it…cuz it’s short. Lodged, by Robert Frost The rain to the wind said/ You push and I’ll pelt/ They so smote the garden bed/ That the flowers actually knelt/ and lay lodged/ Though not dead / I know how the flowers felt.
    I don’t actually remember the line breaks. I made them up.


  3. Like others who have commented here, I so appreciated the sound and fury you captured in this poem. I lived through that storm yesterday, too! In fact, the rain “slapped onto the house” revealed a leak in our sliding glass door that I will now need to attend to at some point. Thank you for this poem!


  4. “Wind threw rain like a rag doll” I love that line. I love the poem. It is weather for the worms. Great sketch too.


  5. Although the writing is not directly about worms, I thought of you and a prior piece you wrote on my run this morning. I ran by a spot where a few worms were in the road and a gently pushed them back to the dirt!


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