A Home School Night


I look up from my computer.  I’m slicing,  I putting a couple of drafts in the bank.    “The Greatest Showman.  Oh this is a good movie.” I mumble to Billy who is surfing after a day of home renovation. “PT Barnum?” he mumbles back. “Yes.  It’s not a documentary, it’s theatrical.  Not sure you’ll like it, but it’s a good movie.”

I return to editing my slice I glance up billy has pressed the info button and is reading more.  Grace appears “Oh…The Greatest Showman.  She plops on the couch next to me with her phone and a bag of Trader Joes Chile Lime Tortilla Chips.”  Two minutes later, Hannah pops into the kitchen and opens the freezer, but notices the TV. “Hey, this is The Greatest Showman.” she pops waffles in the toaster.  “Hey Han, yell up to Megan that it’s on.  I think she likes this movie, too.”  Two minutes later, Megan appears with a box of thin mints in her hand.  She climbs atop the coffee table to squeeze in between Billy and Grace.

And that is how we found ourselves together on the couch with an unplanned movie night – on a home school night.

PS – Billy watched the whole thing, he liked it 🙂



8 thoughts on “A Home School Night”

  1. Not a bad thing to happen on a home school night, I think. And I, too, love the diversity of snacks…now craving something salty and sweet!


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