a cozy spot


a cozy spot

at home

the back porch

in a nook

protected from the march winds

feeling the march sun

a found cozy spot

at elon

against the brick

protected from the march winds

feeling the march sun

a cozy spot

sit and see

sketch to remember


the original cozy spot slice


10 thoughts on “a cozy spot”

  1. I loved being able to see the original post as well. It seems like this is a different cozy spot. Wondering if you are making connections between two homes – for you or for a child. I felt immediately at peace when reading your poem – a feeling much needed right now. Thank you for sharing your cozy spot with me.


  2. I think you’d find a cozy spot anywhere. I could use this poem as a mentor. I was just working on this structure with first graders yesterday. Poems have parts. Sometimes those parts compare! If only we were in school…

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  3. I love seeing your posts because I realize I miss sitting next to you at a meeting and seeing you work in your sketchbook! Enjoy that cozy spot during this time!

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  4. I like the feeling here, too. Comfortable and inviting. It makes me remember, too. I remember how much i loved the feeling of visiting colleges. How much I felt like I would really appreciate it now, maybe even more than I did as an 18-year-old. I was a bit envious of what Sarah had in front of her. Of course, I tuned out the parts of college that were hard, just thinking about how great it would be to have time to sit in beautiful buildings on a beautiful campus, time to read and talk and learn from brilliant people. Ahh. My idea of a cozy spot.

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