31 Things About Me


Here we go again…

  1.  This is my third year taking on the March Slice of Life Challenge.
  2. My oldest daughter, Hannah, is Biomedical Engineer Major at the University of Vermont
  3. My middle daughter Grace is a senior in high school on the dance team. They have competed nationally and this year, place 15th in the nation.
  4. My youngest daughter, Megan, will be a freshman in high school next year.  Not quite sure how that happened.
  5. My favorite flavor of ice cream is chocolate chip cookie dough with chocolate sprinkles.
  6. I met my husband at a bar.
  7. My cousin is married to my husband’s sister.
  8. I’m a morning person.
  9. I fall asleep on the couch every night.  This makes my husband crazy.
  10. I love my job.  I love being surrounded by innocence all day.
  11. Birch trees are my favorite.
  12. Sycamore trees fascinate me.
  13. My daughter Megan toasts my waffles for me Monday – Friday.  They are ready in the toaster when I come downstairs.
  14. I have 19 cousins on my Dad’s side of the family.  When we get together, it’s as if no time has passed.
  15. I was born in 1970.  I’ll turn 50 this year.  I feel like I’m 25.
  16. I love to sketch trees – naked winter trees, budding spring trees, leafy trees, and colorful fall trees.
  17. I have a poetry anthology.  Thanks to ……..
  18. I’ve had had three surgeries in my life.  One arthritic toe joins scraped and two femoral hernias patched.
  19. Red is my favorite color.
  20. 2 is my favorite number.
  21. I got married on my sister’s birthday.
  22. I wore my mother’s wedding dress.  I tried on my grandmother’s first.  It looked ridiculous.  My mother’s was perfect.
  23. I love whiskey, Blue Moon, and Miller Lite.  If you invite over for wine, I won’t say no.
  24. I do not like black olives at all!
  25. Sketching is part of my writing process.  I believe drawing and art create paths for words.
  26. I can’t imagine life without chocolate.
  27. I have a scar on my right pinky.  I got my finger caught in a jack knife when I was 10ish.
  28. I have a scar in my right knee.  I was playing on gravel road behind my house.  I fell, Mrs. Melia cleaned me up and bandaged my wound. Mrs. Melia was a nurse. I went home and had my mother take off the bandage, reclean, and rebandage.  Mrs. Melia was a nurse, but my mom was My Mom.
  29. I think my only celebrity crush is on Vince Vaughn.
  30. My first car was a blue chevy station wagon.  Her name was Betsy.
  31. I’m a little bit competitive.  I love a good challenge.  Here I am, 1 slice in, 30 to go.

We’ve all got this.

12 thoughts on “31 Things About Me”

  1. Ha! I did the 31 things about me last year, and they were fun to read yesterday! Aren’t scars the best for inspiring stories? Sometimes I tell students to think about bumps, bruises, and blood when they can’t think of any ideas. We call it the 3B strategy!

    Looking forward to the month. Maybe we’ll connect with wine at some point, as you’re not that far. (Although, I prefer Blue Moon…)


  2. Nice to meet you! Also turning 50 this year and impressed at the details in your memories…looking forward to the month.
    Curious about the poetry anthology, though. Your writing or a collection of others’ writing or a combination?


  3. You gave me so many slice ideas… like scars… and what trees I like… and ice cream…and how I met my husband. It’s really just a little more than what we always write. We got this.


  4. I love this idea! What a great way to get started. And if you wanted, you could probably use almost any of these as a stand alone slice.


  5. I really like the way this built up from things that were sort of facts to moments that were more like story seeds. It’s as though you have a table of contents for most of your month…kind of jealous about that. I liked “Betsy.” My first car, Donny (he was a Dart) was old when I got him, so old, in fact, that he was born two years before you!!


  6. I followed a link to your slice and enjoyed it so much, I don’t know you at all, but feel I know quite a bit about you now! Just one comment, I’m turning 69 this year, so 50 is peanuts and I STILL feel like I’m 25 although my wrinkles and my husband tell me otherwise!!

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