The Three of Us

My eyes catch the brilliant blue coat and the crutches.  The man in the blue coat is steadying the woman on crutches.  I wonder why a woman on crutches is in the icy snow.  “There it is.”  I hear Hannah say.  I’m lost in my own thoughts about the hazards of crutches and icy snow.  “It’s pretty unassuming.”  Hannah says as she pulls into a parking lot.  I exit my own thoughts  and crane my neck around and look up.  “Ohhh.  That’s it!”  “Want to get out and take a closer look?”  “Of course!  We’ve come this far.  I need to get up close and personal with Burlington’s claim to fame.”

We exit the car and bundle ourselves up.  Well, I bundle myself, Hannah being a part time Vermonter doesn’t think much of the cold, these days.  We cross the parking lot and traipse over the icy snow and I find myself standing on a concrete slab that holds the World’s Tallest Filing Cabinet.  I touch it.  I examine the stickers that visitors have slapped on.  Then, I lean back and look way up.  There, against a brilliant blue sky, I see the top.  The tippy top of the top most file cabinet.  “Want me to take your picture?”  “Of course!”  Hannah steps back and snags a pic of me and the tower of metal.  She scoots on the icy snow and stands beside me.  “Look down, Mom.”  I follow her command and she snags another pic.  This one of the three of us –  Little Ole Me, my daughter, Burlington’s Best Tour Guide, and The World’s Tallest Filing Cabinet.




7 thoughts on “The Three of Us”

  1. Now I want to know WHY a filing cabinet should be so tall! And I have a slight sense of discomfort that I could, in fact, cram it full … yikes. Just this week I read about the boll weevil monument in Alabama, the world’s first monument to an agricultural pest … there’s a story behind it (like there surely must be for this cabinet). Also your descriptions of the beauty of the day were so vivid, as photos confirm – perfect for going to see something extraordinary! (I, too, wonder wholeheartedly about why a person on crutches would be out in the ice and snow …)


  2. How cool is that! This reminds me of the book series The Genius Files by Dan Gutman where the main characters take a trip across the county going to sites like this one. Great series for middle grades.


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