Watching Maci

She’s resting

Suddenly, her head pops up

She twists her body

She looks behind her

Returns to her resting position, sprawled out

That position lasts seconds

She stretches legs out front, legs out back

Chin hanging off her bed

She hears the clanging in the kitchen and pops her head back up

She scoots off her bed

Slips into resting position on the hard wood floor

Finds a pink stuffie

Once a baby toy, now hers

It rattles as she chews and swings her head side to side

She whimpers as she looks at Megan doing her homework

She wants her to play

Back on the floor, on her side, feet sticking out

Content, happy, resting

Welcome home, Maci

Maci’s space – for now…
We welcomed a new puppy to our family! Maci!


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