Small Group Work Snippet

“Can I join the group?”

I look up from my warm up work with three first grade readers and find Mason’s eyes staring down at me.

We have about done with our “Catching blends warm up,”  but scoot over, as does Sienna and say “Sure, Mason, join us.”

He sits right down, grabs a dry erase paddle and a marker.  He looks for an eraser, sees Sienna’s and silently decides he’ll share.

“Say swim.”

“Swim.” they say in unison.

“Tap out those first two sounds.  See if you can catch the blend.”

“/S/ /w/…/sw/” they all slowly say.

I watch and listen.

“Write it.  Catch it on your board.”

They all write and read their blend.  I see the pride in their eyes.  They have caught the blend.

“In the books you are reading now, well, and forever, you are going to see lots of words with blends.  You better be ready to catch them.”  Mason’s eyes have that “I’m ready look.”  “I bet you all are even using blends as writers.  I bet the stories you are writing have words with blends.  You all are going to be the best blend catchers!”

I pass out the book and we move through the introduction and jump into shared reading.  I watch and listen.  These readers before me are engaged.  I am happy right where I am.  Watching and listening as readers grow.




6 thoughts on “Small Group Work Snippet”

  1. Nothing better or more exciting. The fact that Mason asked to join is huge. He loves his time with you. He sees it helping him. He is growing as a reader. Also, Sienna sharing her board. They’ve come a long way. A tiny snippet full of good stuff!

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  2. I can picture the whole thing! We had big drama in my room over the need to share an eraser. It can be so hard for children to share! It’s good your students did share and didn’t disrupt the lesson.

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