Exit 74

We’d been in the car for almost three hours, we’d traveled through Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and we were finally in the Nutmeg state. Closing in on home.

We’d hit the road sometime after 10:30. The sky was bright and blue. The air was fresh, It was a day to be outside not in the car. Nevertheless, we had to hit the road. Home was calling. Megan and Maci pup were waiting. We – Hannah, Billy, and I – were on our way home from a graduation party in Maine.

I looked up in a moment of car quiet and a read the sign above, Union. No sooner did I process where we were in relation to home, I processed where we were in relation to Grace. “Let’s go see Grace.” I blurted out. “Yes”. Hannah, without hesitation, piped up from the back. “Let’s do it.” Billy confirmed immediately. I quickly punched in the directions “Exit 74. HERE!” Billy masterfully maneuvered us quickly off the highway.

“This is perfect. She’s going to be so surprised, confused, when we pull in.” I said as Billy navigated The Beast on the windy back roads to Camp Woodstock, where Grace is spending the summer as a head honcho for the camps youngest overnight campers and their counselors.

The excitement of a surprise stirred in my belly as The Beast traveled the final rocky road into camp. We stopped and chatted with the greeters and made our way towards Grace. We made the final left turn into camp and there she was. She had that confuzzled look on her face as she strolled towards us. “Hey Grace!” We all boomed from the car. “What are you doing here?” she asked, smiling and seeking clarification for our sudden arrival. She laughed as she came in for her hug deliveries. “I thought something was wrong?” she admitted mid embrace.

“No, Grace, nothings wrong, we just came to see you.”

that time we spontaneously showed up at Woodstock

7 thoughts on “Exit 74”

  1. I love this Dawn! Also- what a beautiful family! The feeling of love, family, home and home being where your family is really came through here!


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