A voice with an accent echos through the house. “Rrrrrrammoooon wants to know if you’d like Raspberry Spray in your hair?” A giggled yes is the answer I hear. I walk down the hall to see wet headed Grace in the chair with Billy behind her. He’s got a brush in one hand and he’s reaching for the Raspberry Spray. Hannah and Megan are on the floor laughing. They are playing hairdresser.

This moment came to me in a flashback last Friday when I came home from school. I walked in to a quiet house at 4:30. I put my bags down and listened for signs of family. I heard Billy tapping away on his keyboard at work. I made my way to the kitchen, let out a “Hello!??” Grace answered with a “Heyyy!” I made my way upstairs and followed the laughs and chatter. At the top of the stairs, I turned right into Grace’s room. There was Hannah, fresh out the shower wrapped in her towel watching Megan and Grace. Megan clips in her hair, long legs folded criss cross sat on the floor in front of the mirror. While Grace, flat iron in hand, made her way around Megan’s head. “You’re so good at this, Grace!” Megan said, admiring her hair compliments of Grace.

At church Sunday morning, Father Peter proclaimed the power of play. He talked passionately about the joy on parent’s faces as they watch their children play. He talked about the super smiles of children as they play! “There’s hope and creativity and joy in play.” he said. Back in the day, it was Billy who engaged in the play with the girls playing hair dresser, and last Friday, although they weren’t intentionally playing hair, there was a playfulness in the air. It was written on their faces.

Here’s to creating moments to play wherever you go. Here’s to seeing playfulness and soaking it in.

5 thoughts on “Play”

  1. “RRRaaammmmooon” might have to be Billy’s name next time I see him. I was thinking about this at the wedding we went to this weekend. The dancing was more joyful/playful than I ever remember it. People needed to play.


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