Neighborly Living

“What’s Maci barking at, Megan?”  Maci is not a barker.  She’s not a big dog.  Yet every now and then, she lets out her big dog bark.

“It’s Nolan, Mom!  Nolan is running around in our yard and Sam is chasing him.  He’s so cute, Mom.”  Megan is always taken by the cuteness of 18 month old Nolan out and about in the neighborhood.

Maci lets out a few more big dog barks and I head to the front door to check out the scene.

As soon as I see Nolan, waddle-running around, I reach to unlock the door so Maci can get out and play.  Maci heads straight to Nolan.  He stops and points his chubby fingers and Maci’s tail waves in the air like a feather duster.

Megan follows us and there on the front lawn a small spontaneous socially distant gathering has commenced.  We play with Nolan, entertaining him with chalk and soccer balls.  Our efforts hold Nolan’s attention for about 30 seconds, then he’s off waddle-running on those 18 month old legs.  Megan’s right, he is so cute.

Moments later, Eileen and Chris, walking Forest, appear around the corner and then they, too join the front lawn gathering.  Billy hears the conversation and random screams out of one 18 month old and he halts his work and joins.

Despite the late morning heat, no one was in a rush to go anywhere, except maybe Forest who stared at Eileen, with eyes urging her to get back to the walk and Nolan who insisted on having Sam chase him down, repeatedly.

Yes, there on my front lawn, was neighborly living at its’ finest.


8 thoughts on “Neighborly Living”

  1. Another silver lining. I’m sure your not alone in neighbors who are growing closer and leaning on one another these days. I liked the image of Maci’s feather duster tail.


  2. A beautiful simple moment. We also have a very cute and sociable toddler on our street. Yesterday he came to ask about our “round and round.” I wasn’t sure if we had one or what one was. Then his mom explained. He’s obsessed with anything that spins, and he had spotted the ceiling fan on our screen porch. He wanted me to turn it on…so that it would go “round and round.”


  3. I feel like if there is one benefit to this quarantine is having moments like the one you wrote about. Those small moments that now seem a bit more magnified. You captured this moment so eloquently.


  4. I am envious of neighborhoods like this. So fun. My road is too busy. I am grateful to have time for spontaneous gatherings. I can get used to this slower pace of life. Also live the tail like feather duster!


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