unusual sight


Grace and I are on the plane waiting awaiting our departure to from New York to North Carolina.  Grace is in the window seat, checking out the tarmac scene. I’ve pulled out my book, Chirp, by Kate Messner.  I turn the first page, I’m pulled into the story immediately.  Mia and her parents are moving from Boston to Vermont, a place I know fairly well.

Grace’s jerks me off the pages.

“Mom.”   She whips around.  Her long curls brush my cheek. I lift my head out of my book and look out the window.

At first glance all I see is the wing, the pavement, and some luggage movers.  I know I’m not seeing what she wants me to see.

She senses my blindness and whips back at me again. “Push-ups.”

Huh?  I look again.  I look beyond the wing, the pavement, and luggage movers.  Then I see what Graces has seen.

There, on the tarmac, beside a luggage mover, just beyond the tip of our wing is a Delta employee. He’s all dressed in his warm weather gear and sturdy boots.  His body is like board, straight and strong.  His form is impeccable given all the layers he is donning.  We count, 12, 13, 14.

We watch a man on the tarmac doing push ups.

10 thoughts on “unusual sight”

  1. Now that would be some sight to see! You would think that moving luggage would be enough exercise, wouldn’t you? What an observant daughter you have.


  2. This is why I always want the window seat. Nancy, on the other hand, always requests the aisle, which results in me getting the dreaded center. I always feel like I’m missing something, like the luggage workout. Glad you had a spotter. Enjoy Chirp.


  3. Oh what fun, I wonder if he knew anyone was watching, maybe he just didn’t care?! Thanks for your slice, the best thing I’ve seen is a dog walking across the tarmac as we pulled in once, but that was in India, par for the course, really!


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