Dinner is over.  Megan, Hannah, and Grace are slowly getting up and slowly clearing the table.

“Megan, can you take the rest of that Oreo cake out of the freezer?”

Slowly the dishes are replaced by the box containing the remaining piece of Oreo ice cream cake.

“Mom and Dad, you want a big spoon?”


“Yes.  Definitely.”

“Grace, little spoon?”


“I’ll take a little spoon.”

As I am listening to everyone’s spoon request, Billy is carefully removing the cake from the box.  He glances inside to survey the size and status of the cake.

“Oh, this is perfect…and crumby.  We can finish this, no problem.”  Billy comments confident in his families ability to knock off a dessert.

He places the Oreo crumbed cardboard base in the center of the table.  Hannah, Grace and Megan take their seats back at the table.  We all lean in and eye the cake.

From my seat at the head of the table, I watch as five spoons dive into the remaining piece of ice cream cake.

Family.  Dessert.  No plates needed.

3 thoughts on “Plateless”

  1. A perfect slice! Interesting to note the size spoon everyone requested. It made me think of living with my parents and setting the table- the got larger utensils and the kids smaller. I still lean towards the small.


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