Lunch Decisions


It’s 11:42 am.  I am hungry.  I have been writing at my computer the majority of the morning.  I have books to the left of me.  I have books and my journal to the right of me.  When I look up, I see sheets of rain out the window.  I also see a plate of newly picked tomatoes.  They make me wonder what will I have for lunch?

Another tomato and bacon sandwich?

There’s still some lightly fried garden eggplant in the fridge.  I could whip up an eggplant tomato and basil bake.  Nah.  I don’t want to go pick the basil in the pouring rain.  Lazy.

I could put the tomato and eggplant on toasted bread for a nice garden sandwich.  I might even add a touch of goat cheese.

OHHH, I think I’ve got it.

A grilled cheese and tomato sandwich!  Haven’t had one of those in years!  My mother used to make those for me when I was little. I can feel the warm tomato juice drip down my chin, I can see the bits of fresh basil in the gooey, stringy cheese.  I can smell my past.

Off to make my memory today’s reality.


9 thoughts on “Lunch Decisions”

  1. For me, grilled cheese sandwiches ooze warmth and family and happiness and comfort. I especially love them with tomato soup on a snowy day, but summer with fresh tomatoes sounds downright delish! I love your final line…making memories a reality!


  2. The concrete details of this post really make it come alive. I was right there with you – and if it weren’t nearly bedtime, I’d probably be off to make a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich!


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