“Look at THIS!”

“Mom!  Mom!  Look at this!”

“What?  What is it?”  I ask, not really paying attention to whatever it is that she wants me to see.  I am looking for an indoor outdoor rug for the patio.

“Mom!  Stop!  Come here!  Look at this!”  I hear her giggling with excitement over her Target discovery.

I halt my hunt and turn to her.

In her hands is some sort of colorful dog toy or maybe it’s a doggie life life jacket.  I’m not sure what it is but it has Megan all in a tizzy!  She looks like a dancing emoji.

“Maci needs this!  She needs it for walking!  It’s perfect!  When she lays down in the middle of a walk, we’ll be able to get her up easier!”

“Megan, Maci does not NEED that!  She is learning to go for a walk just fine with the collar and the harness we have at home.  You are too much, Megan!”

I continue walking through the seasonal aisles.  Megan has taken a breather from her pleas.  I am looking and thinking – thinking and looking.

“MOM!  Dad says we should get it! I just texted daddy a picture and he said we should get it!”

I am jolted from my thoughts.  I look at Megan who is now jumping up and down with silly excitement about what she thinks is her secret weapon – Billy’s go ahead, green light to purchase.

“Seriously, Megan?  You texted Daddy?”  We are both in hysterics at this point.  This is one humorous battle in the middle of Target.

“Megan, you said you wanted to get her a new toy.  I thought we were going to go to Choice Pet and get her that beehive-bumble-bee toy?  Now that’s something Maci can play with, she can’t play with a collar!  We are not spending $15.00 on a collar!”

Megan continues to plead her case on behalf of Maci and resume my quest for a patio rug.

“UH, Mom!  Why are you so good at this?”  She chuckles in defeat and walks back to put the collar where she found it.

“Good at what?”

“Parenting!  Why are you so good at parenting!?!?”

“Well thanks, Megan!  It’s nice to know you think I’m good at it!”

7 thoughts on ““Look at THIS!””

  1. I love the dancing emoji image! I also love the way your daughter knows that what she is seeing is good parenting. It makes me think she will be a great parent some day too! Here’s to the Target battle successes! Now….let’s hope Maci behaves on her walks.


  2. I am thinking: What higher praise for a parent than a child asking why you’re so good at parenting? What a lively slice, rich in “realness.” I could see the scene & feel the energy like I was right there with you.


  3. I love that you were both in hysterics- that even though she wasn’t getting what she wanted, you both remained lighthearted. I this speaks to the great parenting that Megan so elegantly recognized!


  4. What a compliment! In my house the collar would eventually show up with a trip to Target with dad! 🙂


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