The Amaryllis

The Amaryllis changes before my very eyes.  I have proof.

I get an Amaryllis bulb every Thanksgiving from my Aunt Debbie.  The build up to the gift is just about as fun as waiting and watching it grow.

“Dawn!  I’m getting ready to get the Amaryllis bulbs.  What color do you want?”

“Hmm.  Last year it was a pink and white.  How about red?  It’s my favorite color.”  I tell Debbie as we eagerly exchange the whys of loving an Amaryllis in your home.

“It’s so cool!  It’s the gift that gives for months and months! I don’t get no cheap bulbs either!  I’m going to my guy to get the gooood bulbs!”

It’s our “thing”.  Debbie and I say.  “We have a thing!”  We wink at each other whenever the Amaryllis comes up in conversation.

In January, right after Christmas break, we were gifted two snow days.  I say gifted because my family was together, under one roof.  There were times that everyone was doing their own thing. There were times when we all cozied up by the fire.  While the snow was falling and we were, well, being a family, the Amaryllis was growing, reaching for light, for it’s blooms.  It was a reminder to me, that things change constantly and if I wanted to capture the moment, I best sit and sketch.  So I stopped three times during each of the two snow days, to freeze a moment in time with the Amaryllis, a gift from my Aunt.

Yes, life is changing constantly, and it’s good for the soul to sit and freeze time in a sketch or two or three.



7 thoughts on “The Amaryllis”

  1. I love how you connect the changing amaryllis to life. That last line is perfect and a lesson for us all. Love your sketches! I don’t draw, but I suppose my blogging is my own attempt to “freeze time.”

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  2. Great Idea! I have been writing and I feel like I am capturing moments in time. Sketching would be an added bonus because it’s something I use to do a lot and enjoyed. Time for sketching is definitely needed!


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