Nourish and Grow



As the end of the year draws near, I can’t help but look back and be thankful.

Thankful that I was welcome to push in to all four kindergarten classrooms for the majority of the year.

Thankful for Professional Development with Liz Franco and Mary Ehrenworth.

Thankful that we spent a faculty meeting writing gratitude notes to colleagues.

Thankful that I attended the TC Foundational Reading and Writing Institute.

Thankful that colleagues have had healthy babies.

Thankful that colleagues are expecting.

Thankful that joy is spreading and growing at Saugatuck.

Thankful that I had the pleasure of providing 4th grade intervention and got to read some great books right alongside the kids!

Thankful that a colleague and I committed to studying the question “What happens when we devote time to writers using their Tiny Topic Notebooks?”

Thankful that a colleague and I planned and presented our findings from our inquiry at a district wide PD.

Thankful that reading and writing are valued.

Thankful that I read Joy Write!

Thankful that I shared the energy and ideas from reading Joy Write. (My OLW was “doshare”)

Thankful that the colleagues I work with take risks, embrace fun, and learn with children.

Thankful that my building is full of colleagues who stop for energizing hallway conversations.

Thankful that I get to walk into a building every day where we celebrate each other.

Thankful that as 25 years of teaching comes to a close, I remain curious.

I really am thankful. Has the whole year been all peaches and cream, no, it has not.  It is what I am thankful for that helps me realize how it should be.  When I am aware of, and can see what is going well, I can help to grow it.  In our reading and writing conferences with children, we compliment them on what they are doing well before we offer a tip or a teaching point.  Look at what you are doing well, what you are thankful for, and then offer yourself a tip or teaching point.  Better yet, do it with a colleague!

Don’t wait until Thanksgiving to be thankful.  As you look back on your year, what are you thankful for?  Take the time to compliment yourself and your community.  Once you know what’s going well, work to nourish it.

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