“That’s it. I’m puttin’ the camera away. We’re done with pictures. No more. We’ve had enough.” I said sarcastically joking but serious. We were all hot and sweaty to say the least. Exasperated is probably the better word. We made our way out of The Gutterson Field House with a thousand others. As we stepped outside, you could hear the “Ahhhhs” and “Ohhh, this feels so good”. While we all had been inside the toasty field house watching all the graduates of the University of Vermont’s College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences receive their well deserved diplomas, the long awaited cooler, more seasonal air had moved in.

We had spent the long awaited graduation weekend at Shelburne Farms. We arrived on Friday afternoon. Within two minutes of being on the Farm, we knew where we would spend all day on Saturday. The weather, unusually warm, no hot, for May made outdoor activity a must. With two kids and college and one still in high school, it’s rare to have more than twenty four hours together. I warned everyone that I’d be taking a lot of pictures and everyone better let me. Turns out I wasn’t the only one taking pictures. Hannah, Grace, Megan AND Billy were snapping pictures left and right. Scenery pictures, selfies, silly selfies, and just good ole posed pics.

Graduation day, another toasty day, another day for pictures and more pictures. Caught up in the excitement, no one could stop themselves. In between ceremonies, we’d share pictures and compare pictures. It was picture worthy in and of itself! All that picture taking was just preparation for the big moment. The moment she walked across that stage at the sound of her name, to receive her diploma. We were all there, careful not see the moment behind the lens or screen. Careful to capture the moment in our mind’s camera. After the 400th diploma was handed out. We headed outside.

With that kiss of fresh air, we pulled that camera out one more time for just a few more pictures of our graduate.

Hannah Jayne Sherriff UVM 2022 Biomedical Engineering

6 thoughts on “pictures”

  1. That’s your girl! Way to go Hannah! So glad you captured so many real photos but knew when to put the cameras away and just live in the moment. Proud of you all! ❤️


  2. Oh, congratulations! The feelings of love, joy and pride really shine in your piece. You’ll treasure the photos, but even more the memories. Like Jessica said, knowing when to put the camera away is key! Such a delightful, feel-good slice!


  3. Congratulations! I love seeing the smiles – these are the people who will change out world for the better. You can see in Hannah’s face that she is eager and ready! What a lovely day in your lives!


  4. Congratulations! I It was SUCH a hot weekend for graduation– we had one in CT!– but so much joy shining through the heat! You”ll love all the pictures more and more in the future!


  5. Graduation, what a bittersweet day. That’s the day we have to give it up and admit that they are actually adults and not our babies. Their joy is so contagious that we can’t help but be excited as well.


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