the family chat

We’ve got a family group chat. I’m sure many families have them. They are really helpful when your family is no longer living under one roof together. Right now, Hannah and Grace are in college and Megan, Billy and I are here together at home. These family group chats come in handy to stay in touch, notify, or just be plain silly. Part of the fun of having these family group chats, is changing the name. In December, Megan changed the name every day as a countdown to Christmas. Who knew it could be used as an Advent Calendar? Sometimes, Maci girl pup renames the chat. Once, when when she had to wear a neck collar to stop from itching, she named it, “My Family is Mean to Me” and included a sad selfie. So today, in honor my family, I scrolled a back to January 1, 2022 and discovered that our family group chat has been renamed 22 times this year:

New Year, Snow Day, Mom’s Colonoscopy Day, Grace Doesn’t Have Covid, Snowing in Elon, Grace Will Never Get Covid, It’s Maci’s Birthday, It’s Megan’s Birthday, Dad Got a Raymond James Water Bottle, Beast Mode Megan, Hannah and Megan in Burlington, Bermuda or Bust, Happy Birthday Daddy Stooge, Happy Birthday Grace, Utah Ski Trip, Hannah’s B-day, Utah Dad, Dad Heading Home, Easter Weekend, Hannah Got a Job, Hannah Got Many Jobs, Hannah Accepted a Job…

Each one is probably, in some way, slice-worthy, but for today, I’ll let the 22 names speak for themselves, representing little snippets of our life apart, but together.

thanksgiving 2021
all together

7 thoughts on “the family chat”

  1. I love our far flung chats with our oldest son and the rest of us. He shares commutes, dinners, cocktails, dog walks with us nearly every day. This idea of naming a chat is new to me. Again, you coach me into a great new habit.


  2. Well, now… this is giving me the idea that I need to rename the family group chat with my cousin and his wife. (No siblings for me so they’re the ones I have a family group chat with.) I’m going to get creative and say that I was inspired by you.


  3. Those are all slice worthy titles. You’ve got 22 in the bank already! Congrats to Hannah on the job. Congrats to Grace for avoiding the big C for so long, and congrats to Megan on being in beast mode. Okay fine, congrats to Billy on the water bottle.


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