creativity gifts

to Billy/Dad

“Where’s the paper? Where’s the crayons? Do we have any glitter glue?” The questions were filling the air faster than anyone could answer them.

“I wish someone had told me about this!” He proclaimed as he frantically ran downstairs in search of the good paper.

“WE DID!” A chorus answered.

The calm of Christmas Eve morning had been replace by creative Christmas chaos.

About a month ago, we were all finishing up dinner together when I proposed the start of a new family tradition. “This Christmas, everyone has to make a homemade card for everyone else.” The proposition hung in the air for about thirty seconds. “Just a card?” “Yup. Just a card. You can do what ever else you want but you have to make a homemade card.” With that, we all agreed on that November day that we’d channel our creativity and prepare for the spirit of Christmas through card making. “I’ll be making mine on Christmas morning!” Hannah admitted. With that, we also all returned to our daily living, card making lingering in the back of our minds.

“I gotta finish mine!” Megan proclaimed. “I’m actually done!” Hannah said quietly. “YOU are done!?!” I said in complete disbelief. Like Megan, and Grace I, myself had to get mine done on Christmas Eve. I had an idea a few weeks prior but failed to sit down and get it done. Billy on the other hand, claimed to have never been told about the “event”, hence his Christmas Eve partial panic.

For about an hour or so, right before lunch on Christmas eve, our home was filled with the spirit of Christmas – giving.

Then next day, on Christmas morning, it was the very last gift we gave. Grace passed out her cards first. On the count of three we all flipped and opened. Silence followed by ohhs and ahhs surrounded us. We ohhed and ahhed. Some eyes may have filled with tears. Then Billy, gifted us each one of his masterpieces. We laughed and celebrated his creativity. Then Hannah, made the rounds. “I didn’t write anything!” “You didn’t have to write anything.” we said in unison. Again, on the count of three, we all flipped. Immediate “Ahhhhhs!” and “Oh Hannahs!” filled the room. Then Megan, the ever thoughtful Megan, handed out her beautifully crafted cards, IN homemade envelopes. Finally, I handed out mine.

The gift of creativity, in the form of a handmade card, was the perfect addition to our Christmas morning.

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