Too Many Tabs

I write a lot down. They aren’t really lists but when I get an idea or I think of something I have to, should, or could do, I write it down. If Billy tells me something he doesn’t want to forget, I write it down. These notes are often written in my signature chicken scratch. One little post it or slip of paper can hold a hundred notes. One little post or slip can hold one note. No matter the content, I find these pieces of paper to be of incredible value. They keep me on track. When the days get busy or get too tired they look up at me and remind me of all the possibilities for getting shit done. I find this approach to be fairly successful approach to a fairly organized, productive life.

I’ve been noticing another habit of mine. I open a lot of tabs. I often open a lot of tabs and leave them open. I’ll sit down to the computer with a purpose, “Let me check my email.” Before I can even open one email, I’ve opened another tab, “Let me look see if I can trim my hydrangea now.” Then another, “Oh yeah, I wanted to make that b/d roll and read paper for G.” Then another, “Let me check out the sale at Madewell.” Then another, “Oh I wanted to make a place setting for Thanksgiving. Let me google that.” Before I know it, I’ve got a trail of tabs open and I’ve accomplished nothing. Then I’ll close the computer, and be off walking the dog, or making my lunch, or cleaning a bathroom, or painting my nails. The next time I sit down and open my computer, there’s all those tabs staring back at me, reminding me of all the ideas, thoughts, shouldas, and couldas. I find myself mindlessly wandering through my own mind…again.

After this short reflection, I’ve decided to maintain my chicken scratch note habit. As for my too many tabs habit, I’ll get back to you, off to open another tab to search for some Christmas gifts.

7 thoughts on “Too Many Tabs”

  1. Wow, Dawn, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you write shit before. New habit?? I have the same note and tab habits. I think the notes are more effective…probably some brain theory behind that, but I like knowing that you have the ability to waste time. You always seem to be ultra efficient..


  2. This post underlines your ability to reflect on yourself and your habits. The little things we do to help us “juggle all the balls” in our life become habits and sometimes a habit needs to go. Enjoyable post.


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