summer still…

I sat, saw, and heard….

it’s still summer

the sunflowers told me so

the green leaves

echoed the sunflowers sentiments

whispering in the wind

it’s still summer

the year is underway

school has started

but summer is still here

cherish all it gives

7 thoughts on “summer still…”

  1. I’ve seen sunflowers everywhere this summer, where I’ve never seen them before. I’ve thought much about their symbolic cleansing, healing, and following the light. Listening… so very important. Beautiful, Dawn.


  2. I’ve been appreciating the way summer has lasted this year. It’s been a great year for sunflowers. We pass a giant one every morning on our walk with Farley. I think they’re sort of miraculous plants. I also love the word heliotrope. Can you work it into your next entry? It seems like all of us are turning toward the sun in September.


  3. Lovely! From the opposite hemisphere, where we are enjoying spring and luscious wildflowers, I enjoy reading poems about a season we are not in, as you hang onto summer for as long as possible. Delightful poem and sketches!


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