Back on the Bleachers

“Keep the ball rolling!” Billy mutters. “Oh! Ugh!”

“Ugh! Oh!” I mutter.

“They all look the same out there.” Billy laughs.

“They sure do, their ponytails all sway the same way!”

The sound of sticks cracking and the thwump of the ball meeting the stick echo in between whistles. The game is fast paced and the girls have been playing more offense than defense.

“Oh! Oh! Shoot!” someone says, and then, “Ugh! So close.”

Parents are in the bleachers, under a clear blue afternoon sky. They’ve come, we’ve come, to watch the first high school field hockey game of the season.

Last year, they practiced in small groups. They played under strict rules and heavy fear. Watching them today was a welcome sight. The practice, the positioning, the teamwork all appeared on the field.

Sitting in the bleachers, watching, I was reminded how much being together matters.

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