the process and the path

The just started torn paper collage sat, unfinished, on the table for three weeks. Inspired by my self imposed, weekly, Tuesday deadline I finished.

I spent the day tearing paper into shapes and sizes I deemed worthy to represent each piece of inspiration. I found myself tearing, gluing, looking, gluing, tearing. I found myself stepping back to take it in. I found myself taking breaks and returning. Despite the stress of the deadline, every moment spent working was relaxing. And when the last piece was glued to the paper, the ideas stopped swirling and one landed on the page in a poem.

one conicle hydrangea

whose petals appear tiny and white

with the aid of the july sun

the late summer sun serves strong rays

to the conicle hydrangea

whose flowers leisurely turn pink

black eyed susans bookend

one ever changing conicle hydrangea

9 thoughts on “the process and the path”

  1. You worked hard today! That’s some progress from where I saw that piece earlier today. Your tearing inspired my kids and we were tearing and glueing all afternoon. You have to print and put all your hydrangea pieces together. You have a book!


    1. I’ve done a lot of work with visual literacy – the power of art, pictures and observations as a pathway to ideas, stories and ultimately writing is powerful for both children and adults. I was able to see this power with children in classrooms and at the Yale Center for British Arts with teachers. I say give a try, Fran!


  2. The collage and the poem are beautiful, Dawn. I am thinking how scraps of things can be arranged in a away that brings joy – same as words. I love hydrangeas. I can so see this one “leisurely turning pink.” Transforming in its own time… like the collage itself!


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