it’s just a hurdle

I sat at the table eating my breakfast. It’s fairly routine for me to watch instagram stories while I’m noshing (that is, if Billy hasn’t joined me for breakfast). I enjoy watching the snippets from the morning camps at Burn. I get snippets of “my rooster crew” at 5:30am and then I get snippets of the camp I just took at 6:30am. It’s fun to watch and see everyone at work, who went to what camp. It’s actually quite inspirational. This summer, I’ve gotten to forgo the 5:30 camp and roll in an hour later for 6:30. (5:45 is a much more reasonable time to rise and shine) It’s fun switching camps up – seeing and sweating with others!

One morning, as I was eating my breakfast, I was watching and admiring. I was watching as the rooster crew got their sweat on. I was watching as each rooster tackled the box jump.

The box jumps are fairly new to our Burn and actually, only an hour earlier, I had done my very first box jump. I started at the 20 inch height just to test out the box jump itself. After one jump, I felt confident that I could jump onto the 24 inch box so I paused, felt the sweat dripping down my back, and flipped the box so the green arrows were pointing up. I took a step back, inhaled, squatted and threw my arms forward landing solidly on the box. Feeling satisfied with my effort at the 24 inch height I kept at it.

Up down, up down. I went for speed as I conquered each jump. The jumps seemed to become easier or I became more familiar and confident and I found myself wondering if I could actually land a 30 inch jump.

Back at the table. Eating breakfast, watching Instagram stories, I honed in on the box jump station. I thought I spotted Lindsay. I went back to watch again and, sure enough, it was Lindsay landing 30 inch box jumps one after another. I muttered to myself, “Damn I should’ve tried it.” The accomplishment from only an hour earlier was suddenly replaced with regret. “Ugh.”

This past Saturday, the box jumps were back in the workout. I knew this would be my chance to cancel out that regret. This would be my chance to at least try to conquer the 30 inch box.

The work out started, I started in station two. I’m pretty sure the box jumps were station five. I’d have my chance in about three minutes. Station four was hurdle jump with some heismans. With each hurdle jump, I anticipated facing the box. I rotated to the station five, slowly, readying my breath and my mind. I flipped the box “You’re going for the 30, I heard Janet say in between breaths” “I’m going to try…Lindsay said I could do it.” I took a step back, squatted, threw my arms and missed. Wasn’t even close. All the chaos around me of campers conquering their stations faded. I stood back again, “It’s just a hurdle”. I told myself. “It’s just a hurdle.” I squatted and threw my arms forward and up right towards the top of that damn box, lifted my feet and landed with a smack right on top of that box. I think I threw my hands up in victory, stood straight, turned, looking for Lindsay. I wanted to scream across the room to her. “I did it! You said I could and I did!” I jumped down and went through my new found mantra “It’s just a hurdle” and landed it again.

There’s these quotes that hang on the walls at Burn, they are much better than any mirror you might find in a gym. One says “be strong, you never know who you are inspiring”. It was Lindsay who, unknowingly, inspired me to not only try, but to conquer that 30 inch box jump.

One person’s words, one person’s belief in you, can make all the difference in how high you can jump.

Let’s not only believe in each other, let’s act on those beliefs.

6 thoughts on “it’s just a hurdle”

  1. Wow! I love the way you take us through your feelings and the motivation behind your challenge. This would be a good story to share with your students as they tackle challenge after challenge in the year ahead. Quite an impressive hurdle!


  2. This is fantastic! You rocked the box jumps just like you conquer every other challenge you’re faced with! Great piece of writing!


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