Ad Breaks

“Remember they are not not programs, they areTV shows.” Dr. Rick states to his audience filled with young homeowners hoping to “un-become their parents” in one of our favorite Progressive commercials. Billy and I like to recite the lines every now and then, just for a good laugh, or maybe to be sure we are not becoming our parents…yet.

A few nights ago, Megan and I were laying on the couch watching the women’s gymnastics olympic trials. Megan is very dialed into the upcoming Olympics and hence she was dialed into the all the trials. We had been watching for about an hour and half and they were getting closer and the announcers were beginning to project who they thought would be heading to Tokyo. As the competition was drawing to a close, the broadcast station seemed to be drawing it out a lot longer than necessary. “Geez! ” I said, about to comment on the sudden barrage of commercials. As if reading my mind, Megan blurted out, “There’s an awful lot of ad breaks!” “Ad breaks???” “I meant commercials!” Megan was now laughing at her own self. “Is that what they call them now, ad breaks?” I was laughing right along with her but also seeking information as if in a Dr. Rick seminar. “They don’t call them ad breaks instead of commercials, do they?” Still giggling, she said “No, mom, they are still commercials.”

Guess I don’t have to sign up for a Dr. Rick seminar…yet.

5 thoughts on “Ad Breaks”

  1. The Youtube generation! Adbreaks for sure! I love reading about your Megan since I have a Megan too!


  2. Glad to know someone else
    Who is doing the self-checks to make sure you haven’t become your parents…yet. We live those commercials too. Nancy’s favorite is the blue hair one. I recently received a sign as a gift. It didn’t say live, love, laugh, but it was close. When they saw it, both Nancy and Sarah immediately recited, “Do we need a sign to tell us …? No.”


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